Fire Rain

by Gabe Classic

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The rain fell hard just after midnight in my urban metropolis... As I looked out into the sky I was mesmerized, the light dancing and bending in the downpour. Inspired, I blended poetry and music to capture my streams of thought.

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Every night, we settle in with our own consciousness.
And once silent, we all ask the same questions.

What am I? What is God? What is all this?

When the constraints of outside forces on our plane of existence fade away, we are left to ourselves.

Alone, we all together say...


The emerging fire brings the light as we bustle our way into our world. Trying to define, trying to describe what the construct for what "I am" may actually mean.

Consciousness. Self-awareness. Sensitivity. Calculation.

REDEMPTION. Taking that which is dead and bringing it to new life.

To burn. To consume. To enrage and to decimate.
To enliven. To animate. To draw the line. To annihilate.

Fire! Raining down from the sky. A world more and less visible.
Alive though dying. Tantra radicals delineating form for the visual.
Consummation. Over taking. Ignition. Enraging. Inferno.

To quench. To subdue. To sweep away.
Orbs of life bending light. Sincerity quenching. Playful at midnight.
Rain. Rain. Binary pitter-pat. Yes. No. Yes. No. What's that?

Written in a language you speak but do not understand.
Distortions. Perceptions. Light bending truths.
Brings hope to thirst. Desire. Desire. Desire through and through.

Truth is description of limitation. We draw lines, create, then incinerate. Heat and photons. Depth and droplets. Definition warping permissions. Consciousness and mind-fission. Angular, mentally modifying visions.

The out pouring of spherical perfection and purity, falling down into streams of atmospheric quality. Torrential or freeing. Loving but sweeping. Feeding that which is open, sweeps away that which is fleeting.

My eyes flutter. Where have I been? Where am I now?
I cross back into the world of the literal. The new light washing away the constructs of ME.

I AM. I AM. We are. We are.

And we're trying to find the language to explain what that means.

Yes. No. Hot. Cold. Contrast.

Relatively absolute. Absolutely relative.

We are God's feedback loop.


released June 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Gabe Classic San Francisco, California

Gabe Classic. Film maker. Musician. Painter. Artist. Human. Being.

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